Get real.

Get raw.

Get rich.

Something powerful happens when we make the leap from our old environment and enter into unfamiliar territory, with the intention of connecting, creating, learning, healing, and growing with a group of like-hearted people. You THRIVE.

I speak from personal experience. In 2015, with only $20 in my bank account when I agreed to join, I retreated to a small village in Bali for a 12-day experience. 6 months later, I returned to Bali again to co-create an experience in which I lived in a beautiful villa with 12 other people for 6 months.

I quit my job. I created more money in a month than I had earned in a year from any job I had in the past. I fell in love (and fell apart for a while). I explored my sexuality. I danced in the middle of a jungle. I experienced new cultures and new ways of living and being. I explored new territories, soaked under waterfalls, and climbed volcanic mountains. I snorkelled and snuggled up with my lover above the ocean reef. I made lifelong friends and family with total strangers.

"The Real Human Experience" is, in essence, all that goodness (and then some) packed into an experience after which you will never be the same. I imagine if some part of you perked up reading all of this, you're probably primed for an experience like this. Again, I speak from experience when I say that we become something greater than the limitations of our previous environment and our old reality when we allow ourselves the opportunity to leave our common comforts for the adventure of a lifetime. 

Curious? Keep scrolling...


Like I said. I'm not just pulling this stuff out of my ass - I've experienced the value of an experience like this first-hand. And truthfully, who wouldn't want to take off for a week or two to an exotic location to begin creating a new life and a new you - or, rather, to begin being the you you were before the world decided who you who you should be and you conformed.

I get it. I've been there. We live in a time where we have more access and freedom than ever, yet many of us feel more trapped than we've ever felt.

That's because you've forgotten who you truly are - and it's time to remember...

Imagine a life where you naturally created and attracted the experiences, relationships, career and money you want, and it all happened simply as a result of you being more of your truest self.

And imagine having a guidance and support from like-minded people and mentors who have already broken free, a rich environment to relax and create and grow from, and the courage and confidence you need to take action --- to design and live the life you want, to cultivate relationships that inspire and empower you, and to attract and create clients and opportunities that light you up.

Sounds like a dream right!?

That's what I thought too, but, like you, I wasn't sure where and how to start...

And that's where we come in...


Something truly miraculous happens when you courageously decide to leave behind your current environment and circumstances to honour the call to adventure. It's as if some aspect of yourself you knew was there all along, but couldn't seem to tap into comes bursting through, and you become a sort of un-f*ckwittable version of yourself - a warrior. Imagine giving your gifts, telling your story, connecting in ways you never knew possible, finally putting your brilliant ideas into action, and doing things and embodying qualities you didn't know you had in you.



  • You'll be taken care of from the moment you arrive, including transportation to and from the airport.
  • You'll rise with the sun and begin the day with rejuvenating morning yoga and exercise, mind-cleansing meditation, and heart-opening sharing circles.
  • You'll visit a variety of exotic locations, and engage with the local culture during the experience.
  • You'll enjoy healthy meals and authentic cuisine, prepared daily using fresh ingredients.
  • You'll receive a complimentary 1-on-1 session during and following the experience to ensure you are getting the most out of your time with us. 


  • You'll create authentic relationships with people who truly see you and understand you - tribe.
  • You'll be invited to engage in exercises that challenge the way you're used to connecting (or not connecting), and experience and learn new ways of communicating and connecting more effectively, authentically, and confidently.
  • You'll create time and space to intentionally unplug and disconnect from all the noise and business - online and offline.
  • You'll how to connect to and trust your own inner-wisdom and knowing and power, and rely less on everyone and everything outside of yourself for the answers and support you seek.


  • You'll cut through all the shit (e.g. old stories, self-destructive patterns, limiting beliefs, judgements, etc) to the core of who you REALLY are, what you REALLY want out of this life, and what's REALLY holding you back.
  • You'll create a clear blueprint for success, while receiving kick-ass coaching and mentorship from people who are already living it, and all in a rich environment to create and grow from. 
  • You'll be supported in putting your plan into motion, and taking action before you even leave the experience, because we understand that we have a tendency to lose momentum after leaving an experience like this.
  • You'll receive continued support following your experience, including additional group coaching calls, 1-on-1 coaching, and access to the "Real Human Revolution" community.

If you're ready for change and you want guidance and support from like-minded people and mentors who have already broken free, a rich environment to relax and create and grow from, and the courage and confidence you need to take action --- to design and live the life you want, to cultivate relationships that inspire and empower you, and to attract and create clients and opportunities that light you up. This may be a good fit for you. 

But, just to make sure we're both on the same page, and it's a great fit for both of us, and because we want to add value to your life before you even decide to join us...

Scroll down, click the button below, fill out the application, and we'll follow-up with you to schedule your complimentary "Breakthrough Call".




This is for you if...

  • You feel like you're at a crossroads and it's time for change.
  • You're fun, interesting, passionate, creative, ambitious, and impact-driven.
  • You're full of passion and ideas and dreams, but not entirely sure where to start and where to focus your attention, and you're struggling to take action and execute.
  • You have a desire to earn a living and become successful in a way that feels honest, authentic, and fulfilling.
  • You believe deep down that you were destined to do something amazing while you're here.
  • You feel like something might be missing, and you're not quite sure what.
  • You've read books and blogs, watched videos, and had the same conversations with your friends and family over and over again, but you still feel stuck.

This isn't for you if...

  • You're not willing to show up and get a little uncomfortable.
  • You still blame your situation and circumstances on other people.
  • You're waiting for someone to come and save you.
  • You refuse to take action if it means you'll be uncomfortable.

If you are in fact still with me at this point, this is probably the sign you've been waiting for, and you're probably ready to take the plunge - with a little help from us.

It's time. 

Go ahead and click below, sign up for your complimentary "Breakthrough Call", give yourself at pat on the back for having the courage to take the first step towards creating your dream life, and we'll speak to you shortly.