#PermissionSlip: On Loving You

What’s clear to me is our insatiable desire to see and be seen, to hear and heard, to feel and be felt, to experience and be experienced, to understand and be understood, to validate and be validated, and to accept and be accepted – fully and entirely.   In essence: to be loved. It all […]

The Struggle Is Real...

“F*CK – I’m doing it again,” I thought, as I traced my memory back to an experience I had days prior, in an attempt to share one of the powerful insights I had experienced, wrapped in some supposedly-captivating story. But sharing stories and insights wasn’t the issue. The intention was always serve, share, connect, and inspire. […]

Commitment-phobia Is The New Orange, & Orange Is The New Black (Or White, Or Light)

My bedroom was a reflection of what I was experiencing on the inside. Unpacked boxes, unfolded clothes, unplaced toiletries – the only organized area of my room was the bed I habitually and proudly made every day, and the nightstand on the right side of my bed, because that was where I kept my Moldavite, […]

Discovering Your True Purpose & Transforming Your Life Through Consciousness & Intention

  WOW! 2015’s off to a very enlightening start. Happy New Year to you all! I’ve been managing my energy in new ways, committing to the things that matter, spending less time doing the things that don’t, and really getting clear on my intentions (not goals) and the feelings I want to bring in a big […]

Styl'd 4 Success - What Organizing, Coordinating, Styling, and Emceeing An Event Taught Me About Business, People, & Potential

First off, I’d like to say thank you for your patience and consideration as I return from a hiatus; you’re all so compassionate and I love you for it. While I had hoped for much rest and relaxation over the holiday, I spent more time and energy trying to manage my time and energy, with all […]

Giving Myself Permission To Rest, Relax, and Rejuvenate

It’s winter here, and I’m in rejuvenation mode. Sleeping. Snacking. Juicing. Communing. Connecting. Relaxing. Reflecting. There’s much to share, but, for now, I must take care… of myself. Somehow, I’ve still managed to connect with those in need, and fill them up with some of what I have left, but now I must refill. Moderation […]

Back To Basics - How I Misplaced My Bliss, & How I Can Help You (Re)Discover Yours

When you’re in the business of looking and feeling good, there’s a sort of looming anxiety that occurs when you begin to disembody the very essence you propagate – when you suddenly cease to practice that which you preach. “Who am I to suggest this to others?” “Am I a fraud if…?” And, to add insult […]

Man Is...

I look at children and I see innocence and potential. We are born pure, but into a world of impurity. A newborn boy, at his core, is born with the same potential and capacity for compassion, love, grace, and greatness that each and every one of us – male or female – is born with. […]

Permission - Why You're Waiting For It, Where To Find It, & Why You Don't F*cking Need It

  “Permission” I remember hearing that word throughout my childhood and youth. Kinda makes me cringe… I was on the phone with my mom one afternoon when she told me how exhausted she was, and that she felt tired and overwhelmed with all that she had to do, but all she wanted was to sleep. […]

Intention, The Law of Attraction, & What Big City Life Taught Me About Spirituality

  Manifestation. The Law of Attraction. The Secret. Upon reflection I realize that I’ve been “unknowingly” applying these practices and laws for as long as I can remember. I use the term “unknowingly” very loosely, because I believe in the innate wisdom of the soul. One of my most memorable experiences with The Law of […]

You're Moments From A Miracle & 30-Days From Your Wildest Dreams

I’m not enough. I’m not good enough. I don’t know enough. I’m not ready. What if I fail? What will they say? What will they think? One more book. One more course. One more webinar. One more workshop. One more day. One more week. One more year. *Sigh* How did you arrive in this place? Heavy. […]

Your New Year's Revolution Starts Now!

  In my life I’ve met people from all walks. Healers, drug addicts, musicians, professors, escorts, social workers, and the list goes on. I’ve moved from ghettos to government housing to small-town homes only blocks from a lake. I’ve attended about a handful of different schools, which meant I had to get really good at […]

F.O.M.O. - Fear Of Missing Out & The BS We Tell Ourselves

“A taste of something sweet is always sweetest when it’s savoured. A taste of many things is wasted if you can’t enjoy each flavour.” – Reno It’s eating away at you. “What if?” Would’a, could’a, should’a Might be Could be Would be You give in. It feels good… and then it doesn’t. It’s eating away at […]

The Power of Words, & How Reframing Your Language Will Change Your Life FOREVER

“I can’t” vs. “How can I” “I won’t” vs. “I’m choosing not to” “I don’t know” vs. “I’m seeking an answer/solution” “Why is this happening to me” vs. “How is this happening for me,” or “What can I learn from this,” and “How can I use this?”   The power of words is absolutely amazing! […]

De-FusterCluck Your Drive - How To Create A Peaceful & Productive Morning Commute

      My morning commute to and from my bridge job is an enlightening one. I watch as a fuster-cluck of drivers honk, curse, and hustle to promptly arrive at the jobs they despise, in the vehicles that their jobs pay for. I watch my fellow bus riders struggle, frustrated and agitated because they can’t seem […]

Take. It. Back. - Boundaries, R-E-S-P-E-C-T, and How To Set 'Em & Get 'Em

  I have this friend – we’ll call him John – and John struggles with boundaries. John’s favourite lines are “it’s all good”, “no worries”, and “it’s not an issue”. John’s the kinda guy who has chosen to accept the short end of the stick for a good portion of his young-adulthood/adulthood, and has suffered […]

When It Rains, It Pours - How To Escape The Negative, Attract The Positive, & Flourish

    “When it rains, it pours.” – Ain’t that the truth. Not sure who coined the phrase, but there’s significant depth and truth to this statement. It seems the day you sleep in ends up being the day that you’re forced to take a cold shower, you burn your breakfast, you spill coffee on your shirt, […]

Why It's Cool To Be A Kid - How To Escape Conformity & Have More Fun

  To be grown-up, or be a grown-up or an adult; what does it mean? Think about that for a moment… Remember when you were a kid and you used to play house or grown-up, which was ironically close to the real thing (arguments over what to name the baby, whether to get a dog […]